Classes at CrossMovement Dance

We offer a variety of classes for students aged three years through adult. Classes offered include tap, ballet, jazz, creative movement, and hip hop. All classes run from May through August and conclude each summer with our annual dance production, A Night of Worship.

 Our dance classes will…

• Encourage students to recognize their own ability and to reach for their full potential both physically and spiritually.

• Instill in them a desire to use their bodies, gifts, and talents to glorify God who made them.

• Inspire them to creative expression, grace and praise, and an appreciation of the beauty of dance as an art of worship

 Make checks payable to CrossMovement Dance Ministry.

• There is a non-refundable registration fee of $35 per student. Registration fee covers start up expenses, props, costumes, and a CMDM T-Shirt.

• Please send the fee with the registration form. Forms submitted without the fee will not hold your place in a class.

Please mail registration form and fee to:
CMDM Meredith Worley 5601
Birkdale Drive Lexington, NC 27295   

OR Email to and send Registration fee via Venmo.

Class fees follow:

Each 30 minute class is $20 a month
Each 45 minute class is $25 a month
Each 1 hour class is $30 a month.

  • Please make payments at the beginning of each month.
  • Because classes will fill and you are taking a spot someone else would fill, tuition cannot be waived because of vacations or illnesses.  Full tuition is due every month even if you do not attend.
  • There will be a secured box to put monthly tuition payment in at the check in table
  • Complete tuition must be paid in full before participating in the production at the end of the summer.
  • Please drop off and pick up your children at the appropriate time.  No one is available to watch a child that arrives early or stays late.
  • No students or siblings should be hanging around outside unsupervised.
  • Please respect the church property by picking up personal belongings and not wandering into unsupervised areas.
  • All students must come to class in proper dance attire: leotard, tights, dance pants, ballet, jazz, or tap shoes.  (Please do not wear the satin shoes with slick bottoms.  Pink leather ballet shoes are required) No t-shirts, shorts, for ballet.  Hair must be pulled up and out of student’s face, no long ponytails.  No candy or gum.  No jewelry.
  • Registration ends Friday, April 24th.  Please turn in your registration forms ASAP.  Some classes will be limited.  Each class must have at least 5 students to continue
  • Students may miss ONLY three classes in the summer session and still be able to participate in the production…  Please see Meredith if there will be a conflict.  ALL TECH WEEK REHEARSALS ARE REQUIRED.
  • CrossMovement dance is not responsible for third-party transactions of t-shirts, DVD’s and pictures.  Any payments should be made directly to those businesses as they deem appropriate.  Please send questions and comments directly to them.

 Any questions regarding classes, registration, etc. should be directed to Meredith.. Please do not contact Cornerstone Community’s office with questions or messages. Email Meredith at Check our Website for updates and forms – Also follow us on Facebook : CMDM – CrossMovement Dance Ministry.

Choosing Classes

For dancers age 2yr. – 8th grade, please sign up for your current age or the grade you will be entering fall of 2018.

 For Acro Classes – All students will need to purchase a CMDM summer t-shirt for the Night of Worship.  To choose a class see the following descriptions:

 Pre-School Acro: Ages 2, 3, and 4

Acro 1: forward and backward rolls, splits, balance, backbend, cartwheels, and roundoffs

Acro 2: need to have mastered cartwheel/roundoff and backbend (no spot), back and front walkover

Acro 3: master all the above plus a standing back handspring (no spot),  will learn back tuck, lay outs

 *Meredith will help you determine what class is best for you if needed

For High School dancers

please see the following descriptions:

 Tap 1: Beginners – Intermediate level: 0-4 yrs. dance experience.

Dancers will review the basic tap steps and then combinations will stem from these steps.  Example: shuffle hop step, ballchange, buffalo

Tap 2: Advanced level: 5yrs & up dance experience.

Dancers will need to have basic tap steps mastered and learn at a quick pace. Example: time steps, wing and butterfly step, double pierhouette.

Ballet 1: Beginners – basic dance positions will be taught/reviewed. We will focus on correct technique and body placement.

Ballet 2: Intermediate – basic dance positions (correct ballet terms) should be mastered. Grande jete’, pierhouette, changement, echappe’, jete, chenne’ turns should be mastered. This class will move at a much faster pace. Correct body placement and beginning technique should be mastered.

Ballet 3: Advanced – this class will move a much faster pace. Body placement and beginner/intermediate technique should be mastered. Double pierhouettes, axels, attitude turns, splits/heel stretches (left/right leg) are required.

**Meredith will have the final say of placement

 Hip Hop 1: Beginners – fun intro to Hip Hop – we will work on rhythm, jazz/hip hop technique –  mastering the basic steps and combinations

Hip Hop 2: Intermediate – learning/teaching will be at a quicker pace – you will need to have had at least 3 years of Hip Hop to be in this class

Hip Hop 3: Advanced – quick pace – basic/intermediate HH/Jazz steps will be required.

**Meredith will have final say of placement. She will consult with Hip Hop teachers.

 Please note that every class at every level will have excellent teaching and choreography, while maintaining our ultimate goal: worship. The goal of splitting classes like this is to have smaller classes that will help push each dancer to become the best they can be – whatever level they are on whatever pace they may need. After looking at your choice of classes, I will prayerfully consider where I feel you will best thrive and let you know the final decision.